"Where the Hell is Spring?" Special!

The groundhog says an early spring...then most of the Northeast gets pounded with 3 feet of snow!  Well, what do you expect from a rodent whose closest cousin is a RAT.  Don't despair, though...nothing goes better with the cold weather than a hot deal on a good book (or two)!  From now until March 1 (the groundhog's projected end of winter), you can get a SIGNED EDITION of either SENTRY'S PAST or SENTRY'S TIME for the unbelievably low price of just $ 10.00 a book!  Just click on A.M. Boyle's Bookshop to the left and order yours today!  Then put another log on the fire, warm up that cocoa, and prepare yourself for a journey you won't soon forget!



SENTRY'S TIME:  Veil of Redemption, the thrilling sequel to SENTRY'S PAST  is NOW AVAILABLE!   Get your signed copy today by visiting the link for "A.M. Boyle's Bookshop" to the left.  It's also available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble Online.  You can also obtain your copy through The Wolf Pirate Project--you'll be helping to support a great non-profit organization devoted to the promotion high quality literature!   Also available for Kindle and Nook!

SENTRY'S PAST:  Veil of Darkness is still available!  This novel, originally published under the title TURN OF THE SENTRY by Wild Wolf Publishing, UK, has been rewritten as part one of a trilogy and is being sponsored by The Wolf Pirate Project a nonprofit organization devoted to the promotion of literature as an art form.   It can be purchased right here on this website at  the tab for "A.M. Boyle's Bookshop."  It can also be purchased through Amazon or Barnes & Noble Online.